Council consider publishing rate payer funded paper in goulburn council, after meeting with the committee last month

Council consider publishing rate payer funded paper in goulburn council, after meeting with the committee last month

Labour and the Greens both oppo마카오 카지노 여행se cutting regional funding for schools in the council’s annual report due to come to council on Tuesday, May 9.

They claim the cuts are needed to ensure a balanced budget next year, which they say will increase spending on education rather than reduce it.

It is understood the council will publish the report in the months leading up to the May 9 election, but its content will remain a mystery until the full agenda has been published on Tuesday.

The issue comes amid fresh criticism of Goulburn council’s school funding plans following last week’s Goulburn Observer interview with council education director Mark Kelly, in which he revealed there would be no reductions in the district school funding formula.

Labour MP Andy McDonald, whose party is seeking to represent the district council in local government, said the council was right in its commitment to reducing cuts in school spending.

“It’s not true that we cannot achieve a balanced budget and it’s not true that this is a short-term or short-term-only initiative,” he said.

“That’s because there are real issues facing the district as a whole and as a whole we do need to find solutions which are sustainable and which are the right solutions for the district.”

A committee chaired by Kelly, a former executive director of the board of management of the Goulburn Community Foundation, had met with representatives of Labour, the Greens and the council’s education board on Tuesday.

This meeting was called by the chairperson of the board, Tony Farrar, who베스트카지노 had been appointed following his resignation as general manager of the comm맥스 카지노unity foundation.

Farrar revealed he had received numerous letters from residents across Goulburn asking for help and advice to understand what would happen if changes to funding were imposed.

The council’s current school funding formula includes a mix of grants and funding cuts to schools and academies, which are often in line with wider regional funding cuts.

The council’s 2016/17 school funding blueprint covers all areas of the district except South Goulburn, where there was no funding cut under the current formula.

The local authority’s 2013/14 school funding blueprint includes no major funding cuts to Goulburn’s schools.

Labour has been critical of the council’s school funding package as well, with its deputy shadow children’s minister, David Simpson, calling on the council to provide schools “with the independence, fairness and fairnes