Court hears teen king hit in fatal attack

Court hears teen king hit in fatal attack

The video, shown to jurors, showed the teen king being hit by a car as he and other family members gathered around him, according to testimony Thursday.

Keenan Alexander said he and another young couple saw King grab his father to get away from the car and that he said he yelled for his father to stay away until other family members arrived.

King was rushed to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds but was released after being treated for his injuries. King was arrested a day later after being charged with attempted murder for killing King’s father, who was sitting behind his chair.

King said the man “had a l바카라사이트ong way to go” and was only talking as he lay on the ground, according to the video.

A family friend said it was a “wonderful” day for the boy and “this family is always right there for him.”

Alexander was found guilty Thursday on all charges and has been sentence우리카지노d to 25 years in prison.

“Mr. Alexander, as a proud boy, had every right to be a king,” District Judge Karen Burden said in her written decision.

District Attorney Mark Schatz told the court that while King had done good things in the past, he was no good at the present.

“This is a tragic loss that affects his entire family and can only be described as devastating,” Schatz said.

In February, Burden fo더킹카지노und no credible evidence that Alexander knew of or had a plan to murder King when he allegedly hit him. That ruling led the trial to come to a close in April after almost three months.

At the time, Schatz said that while he believed King had a “very good job” and that he didn’t have a history of mental problems, his behavior and actions had created “a void” in the family. The court also found that King was not “in compliance” with the terms of his probation and ordered him to pay restitution to the Alexander family.