Watson admits anxiety at bombers ahead of tribunal decision

Watson admits anxiety at bombers ahead of tribunal decision

“I think he’s a little anxious about what he’s going to face up to and how he’s going to deal with it. And I’m sure he’ll deal with it. I’m sure he’ll get through that.”

In another, as the plane made the approach to the target, there was a flash and then the plane’s nose came down.

“There was that flash, then the aircra바카라사이트ft came to a stop and then what happened… was that the flash just stopped him in his tracks, then the aircraft dropped the tail and the tail bounced and hit the plane,” Watson said. “It was in slow motion.”

Watson said it was an unusual flash and the pilot could not identify it.

“What he sees when the flash is over him is just a flash on the airfield, an explosion,” Watson said. “He’s confused that that happened on an airplane, but that’s another thing he didn’t know that’s going to happen.”

Watson said his mother told him she was concerned a bomb attack would follow the meeting because of security concerns. She is now worried that우리카지노 the bomb was dropped, but he said that he is not worried.

“It’s a question I’m not willing to answer yet,” Watson said. “My dad is a very calm person, he’s been through two high explosives and I think he’s going to handle it OK. But that’s an issue that we’re going to work through with the judge and the defence.”

Watson said it is too early to tell if it would help determine what kind of suspect other pilots might be considering when they make their final decision. He said it is also too더킹카지노 early to tell whether Watson will be asked to go to jail or if his family is going to have to take his son out of school and leave him with the school.

“I don’t really know if we’re allowed to talk about that in this courtroom with any sort of fear or if we should,” Watson said. “We’ll let that decide itself over the next four or eight days.”