This is a quality product from HENRY® which has been produced in accordance with the latest manufacturing methods.
We guarantee that this quality product will be in a perfect condition. We shall rectify all material or production faults for free within the guarantee period.Guarantee exclusion:In particular defects which are caused by improper use, failure to comply with the operating instructions and service instructions, the use of force, modifications, and attempts at repair by users themselves or by unqualified third parties are excluded from the guarantee. The same also applies for defects which result from normal wear and tear.In the case of commercial or similar usee.g. in hotels, guest houses or community complexes, or if the customer is not a consumer as defined by the German Civil Code, the manufacturer shall provide a guarantee of 6 months if the product is not expressly intended for commercial use by the manufacturer. The guarantee exclusion (see above) shall remain unaffected by this.Insofar as we are legally obliged to provide a guarantee, we shall, also with exclusion of the right to conversion or reduction, either rework or replace the product for free. If the reworking is not successfully despite several attempts or if the replacement product also exhibits a defect caused by us, the customer shall be entitled to a reduction in price or to revoke the contract according to his or her own choice. The guarantee is not extended by making a claim from the guarantee.The dealer from whom you have purchased the product is always initially responsible for conversion(exchange and replacement), return of the device (revocation of the purchase agreement) or reduction of the purchase price. This applies, in particular, for the return or for reduction claims, as these have to be regulated under consideration of the purchase price. A purchase price reduction upon return or a credit voucher upon reduction can only be processed by the dealer from whom you purchased the product. If defects do arise contrary to expectations, please fill in the Service Slip on the rear of the guarantee certificate and send it to the dealer or to the Customer Service address given below together with the carefully packaged article. Outside Germany and in particular in non-EC countries you should send the article to your dealer or the seller based there. You can obtain information, preferably by email, from the Customer Service address given below.

You can also have repairs which are not subject to the guarantee carried out by the Customer Service for a fee or by your dealer or seller outside Germany.

The following applies for guarantee and non-guarantee repairs:
A prompt processing and return is only possible if you fill in the Service Slip on the rear of the guarantee certificate as completely as possible, describing in particular the defects or faults, and send the product directly to the service centre or seller responsible for your country or your dealer.

The following also applies for guarantee repairs and guarantee replacement part deliveries:
A purchase receipt or invoice produced by machine and dated must be enclosed with the product or replacement part order. A guarantee service cannot be provided for repairs, replacement parts or other claims without a purchase receipt or invoice produced by machine.

Wearing parts and consumables can be ordered from your dealer or the Customer Service address given below. Outside Germany please contact your dealer or the representative seller there first and foremost.
Please contact your dealer or the Customer Service below for product information, when ordering accessories or if you have any questions on the Service handling. Outside Germany, and in particular in non-EC countries, you should first of all contact your dealer or the seller based there.