Our name is on the peak of success, which has more than 150 years of experience working in global markets and The extent and several branches of Trading increases the strengthen and beauty of our ideas.
777 Steel kitchen utensils made of stainless steel, with the highest quality and the design that clearly welcome all the rival companies developed and designed for distribution throughout the world.
UniLux Luxury appliances designed for the choosy people with the best design and the latest technology developed and designed for distribution throughout the world.
UNITECH Electronic equipment, medical and telecommunication and Oil Refinery was also a response to the global communication markets and energy.
Henry can provide raw material for the largest factories in the market and announce its capability to sign international long term contracts according to its high power in the field of ore and base metals, plastic and chemical materials, with the bankroll of the company international executives, ready to analyze metal mines and also Supplying chemical and plastic materials and basic metal and aluminum for the Global Large Oil refinery consume and Medical industry and the Power Plant throughout the world.
Customer satisfaction of service, performance and the speed of onset and completion of projects and also the products high quality is our main business goals.
We are at a stage that can guarantee that our specialized team in addition to flexibility, dedication, and teamwork are having the realized reliability.
We offer a friendly team work, safe work place, interesting and outstanding, with new challenges and the opportunity to work individually and cooperatively in the global markets.
If you tend to help our growing company’s success, we look forward to receiving your application intensively.
For this matter please send your complete application documents (covering letter, CV, photo, certificate) to the following e-mail:

Current Job Vacancies

Head of Purchasing Oil Refinery Equipment
Ore Sales Manager in Asia and Europe
Plastic Raw material Sales manager in Asia and Europe
Sales Manager familiar with the Market for gas oil (bitumen)
Kitchen Appliances Sale Manager in Asia and Europe
Head of Purchasing Electronic Home Appliances from Europe